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According to the estimate made by the United Nations the number of hungry children in the world is equal to about 13.5% of world’s population and an estimated $80 million will be required to feed these children with nutritious food. In order to help these children the social organization called the ‘World Message Day’ has been set up by Jonathan Crabtree, Australia. The organization proposes to observe May 01, as a world message day. On this day, the organization suggests people around the world to send SMS and MMS to their friends and relatives. Let it be a message of love, peace, harmony and prayer for the wellbeing of these starving children. Jonathan Crabtree, also suggests that you may send SMS and MMS to world leaders calling upon them to take up some innovative approach to help these children; provide them nourishing food, clothing and provide them with proper education. If each one of us sends such messages on a particular day; (May 01 as suggested by Jonathan Crabtree), it will help the mobile service companies to generate more revenue as a result of the SMS and MMS sent on that day. Now, Jonathan Crabtree suggests the mobile companies to donate this extra revenue for the welfare of these starving children. That would be a great help for the cause of these children.

Jonathan Crabtree started this movement of World Message Day on the day her infant daughter Alicia died. On that day, instead of grieving over the death of his beloved daughter, Jonathan thought of children dying of starvation across the globe. This motivated him to start a movement for the cause of these children and then he vowed to raise $1 million for the cause of starving children. He has collected considerable amount of money and handed over the money to UNICEF and he continues to work for Red Cross and World Vision. Of course, Jonathan Crabtree is happy that he has been able to help few of the starving children; but his zeal to help has not subsided because he wants to achieve the goal of helping every starving child across the globe.

In order to achieve this gigantic task, the World Message Day also proposes certain other plan of action. The organization suggests that every day each one of use should feed 12 additional children. If we do so, perhaps within the next six to seven years, the number of hungry children in the world will be almost zero. The question is it possible to do so and how to achieve this target? For this purpose World Message Day suggests that we should inculcate the practice of feeding or donating food every day. Send messages and emails urging friends and relatives to feed the starving children every day and help them to get clothing and education. He further suggests that every one of us should pass on this message to at least five people and request them to spread the message of World Message day. If this chain continues more help could pour in for the cause these children. Each one of us has a social obligation and that is helping the poor and the oppressed. That would be the wonderful opportunity to serve the God. Your sending the message to your friends and putting in your mite to help these children would be laudable service to humanity and that is the best reverence you can show to God.